Skin renewal

FROM cleansing and exfoliating to toning, applying serum, face cream, and a sleeping mask. These are some of the extensive skin care regimens we diligently follow, or at least I do so myself to achieve flawless skin complexion.

Rather than keeping up with the neverending beauty routine, while trying to figure out which skincare product works best, I visited Dr Kathryn Koh Hsien Ju at M.A.C Clinic to have a full diagnosis of my skin type and the problems it faces.

It is clear that I have a combination skin with the occasional breakouts and visible acne scars. Dr Kathryn instantaneously recommended the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) peel which combines a superficial-depth chemical peel and an ultra-cooling mask to dissipates the redness.

As unnerving and daunting the name “chemical peel” sounds like, I was assured that the mild nature of the peel is completely non-invasive to the skin with no extended downtime, it simply removes the outer layer of skin at the same time encourages new cell regeneration.

In other words, the peel is infused with glycolic acid which helps to thin down the dead skin cells and subside any active pimples to avoid skin congestions and blockage.

The treatment began with a thorough cleansing of daily grime and other impurities, before applying the chemical peel solution onto the face. What I felt was a tingling sensation during the peel process, which I was told to be normal as it works its magic.

After two minutes, the therapist immediately pats down my face with a neutralising lotion to eliminate any further discomfort, followed by a 20-minutes ultra-cooling mask enriched with peppermint extract.

My skin complexion significantly improves after five sessions, resulted in an overall smoother, brighter and refined skin texture with far less uneven pigmentation spots and acne scars. Rough and dry patches are resurfaced as cell turnover is increased and damaged skin cells are shed.