Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner made US$82m last year: Reports

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump's daughter and son in law made at least US$82 million (RM327 million) in outside income while serving as senior White House advisers last year thanks to investment deals from companies they had previously led, news reports said Monday.

Ivanka Trump reported US$3.9 million (RM15 million) from her stake in the Trump International Hotel in Washington, as well as more than US$2 million (RM7.9 million) in severance pay from the Trump Organisation, the Washington Post said, citing financial disclosure forms released Monday.

Her husband Jared Kushner earned more than US$5 million (RM19.9 million) in income from the Kushner Cos. apartment complex Quail Ridge in New Jersey.

Kushner declared income from dozens of companies linked to his family's real estate company. In all, he took in at least US$70 million (RM279 million), the Post said.

Kushner and Trump, who have put their daily management of their companies on hold while they serve at the White House, have still managed to obtain huge amounts of income from other firms during their stint in public service.

The Post estimated Kushner's assets at US$179 million (RM714 million) to $735 million (RM2.9 billion) last year, compared to between US$55.3 million and US$75.6 million (RM220 million to RM300 million) for Trump, noting that the Office of Government Ethics uses broad ranges for assets and liabilities.

Some of the couple's assets were listed jointly.

In July 2017, the time of their last financial disclosure, the couple reported joint income of at least US$19 million (RM75 million) from business ventures and another US$80 million (RM319 million) in real estate and other revenue between January 2016 and early 2017. — AFP