Subang Airport needs easy link to Sungai Buloh

AS a frequent flyer using Subang Airport, I am keen to seek the attention of the authorities to modify the route from the airport to Sungai Buloh. It's inconvenient for airport users to make a U-turn under the flyover leading to Sungai Buloh and back towards the Subang roundabout and then proceed to Sg Buloh. One has to travel more than 4km to go to Sg Buloh from the airport. This is a waste of time and resources.

The Subang Airport has seen a rapid increase in passenger volume and there is an increase of vehicles on Jalan LTSL. What is taking the Public Works Department, Subang Jaya Municipal Council or Malaysia Airports to work on a road straight from the airport to Jalan LTSL. This access will cut travel time by 15 minutes for road users heading towards Sg Buloh.

It is a nuisance to make a U-turn under the existing bridge and it's frustrating that the road leading to Sg Buloh along Airod is closed without an alternative for users of the airport.

Subang Airport is an important low-cost terminal which needs appropriate attention from the authorities. The trees along the road must be pruned, the dilapidated advertisement panels on the overhead bridge need to be used well to spruce up the overall look and feel of the airport.

Building an access road straight to Jalan LTSL will also reduce the traffic jam during peak hours. I urge the authorities concerned to discuss this issue and build the road.

Monija Nair
Kuala Lumpur