Child, 4, survives fall from 14th floor of Puchong condo

PETALING JAYA: A four-year-old boy miraculously escaped death when he fell from the 14th floor of a condominium in Puchong here on Tuesday.

The victim who was alone at home had slipped from the balcony of his father's house at the Koi Tropika condominiums on Jalan Puchong and plunged on a zinc roofing on the third floor before landing on the bonnet of a car parked on the ground floor.

Residents who were stunned upon witnessing the fall, went to the child's aid before rushing him to the Serdang Hospital for treatment.

Except for a broken arm and a bruised lip, the child was reported to be in good health.

Sources told theSun that the child's teenage uncles aged 13 and 16 had come over from Kelantan for the holidays on Monday and were staying over at the place.

On Tuesday, the victim's 30-year-old father had left for work at 8am leaving the boy under the care of his uncles.

The victim and his uncles spent several hours swimming at a pool at the apartment before returning home at about 2pm.

Minutes after the child fell asleep, the teenagers decided to step out of the house to buy lunch at about 3.30pm, leaving their nephew alone at home.

However, less than an hour later, the boy awoke and looked for them.

He stepped out to the balcony, climbed over a steel grill to look down for his uncles but lost his balance before he slipped and plunged to the ground.

Police believe the child who is recuperating at the Serdang Hospital survived as the zinc roofing and soft bonnet had broken his fall and reduced the impact of the plunge.