Nearly 40% of students expelled in Terengganu do not appeal to return to school: State education director

KUALA TERENGGANU: Nearly 40% of students who were expelled from schools in Terengganu did not appeal to return to continue their studies and were found to be working, despite their young age, according to State Education director Shafruddin Ali Hussin.

He said about 1,300 primary and secondary school students in Terengganu were expelled last year, mainly for indiscipline and absenteeism, and such action was taken only after numerous warnings.

"Students who are expelled can be accepted back by appealing to the State Education Department of the District Education office, but there are students or their parents/guardian who do not appeal, especially those with family problems and who are no longer interested in studying.

"Under the education policy, students who are expelled for absenteeism can appealed to return to the same school, but if they are expelled for disciplinary problem, we encourage them to be sent to other schools," he told Bernama here.

He said besides expulsion, other actions taken by the school administration against students for indiscipline included suspensions.

Shafruddin said absenteeism and disciplinary problems among students were issues discussed during the state and district action committee meetings, as well as by leaders in the state.

"Transportation problem in remote areas such as in Setiu, Hulu Terengganu, Kemaman and Dungun is still among the main causes of absenteeism," he added.

He said various intervention measures had been implemented by the state and district education offices to address the problem, including with the cooperation of other departments and agencies.

"All district education offices also have their own inter-agency coordination council with relevant parties, and teachers also provide counselling to students with problems, as well as their families, if they come forward seeking assistance," he added. — Bernama