Najib's allegations tantamount to admission: Guamnita

PETALING JAYA: By openly making certain allegations, former prime minister, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak (pix) has confirmed his family members do live in apartments at the Pavillion Residences.

Biro Guaman Wanita (Guamnita) director, Azlinda Baroni said by saying that his grandchildren's shoes and other items belonging to his children were at the apartments, he has made a public confession.

"Najib has acknowledged that his family members do live at the Pavillion.

"He cannot later turn around and say that the family members did not know anything or were not connected to the bags of money and other items found at the apartments.

"In fact, the prosecutors should thank Najib for his open and public confession on the status of the items seized at the apartments belonging to his family members and not others," she said.

Following police raids at the apartments and his home last month, Najib lamented that he had been treated badly and that his family had been put under pressure.

"They even seized baby shoes belonging to my grandson as well as my children's wedding gifts," he told Umno members in Pekan.

"Guamnita hopes Najib can be transparent on this and all related documents on occupancy is in order."