Asyraf Wajdi is new Umno Youth chief, Jamal trounced (Updated)

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Dr Asyraf Wajdi is the new Umno Youth chief, according an Umno's official tweet at 12.14pm today. The former deputy minister in the Prime Minister's Department is said to have won 73 of the 191 divisional votes in the party polls.

Fugitive Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos was reportedly trounced with just two divisional votes.

Asyraf's closest contender is said to have been Senator Khairul Azwan Harun with 58 votes, while Pahang Youth chief Datuk Mohd Shahar Abdullah secured 56.

"I hope the candidates who did not win will not be disappointed. We have to have a big heart and remain strong in continuing the party's struggles as well as assist friends and the leadership," Jamal said in a statement while congratulating Asyraf.

Meanwhile, Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said, who is running to be a supreme council member, urged party members and leaders to keep steady with Umno to bring relevant change, even if faced with defeat as loyalty is the core that keeps the party alive.

Azalina said change is imminent in light of the younger generation questioning Umno's relevance today.

Echoing the calls of acting president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, she urged Umno leaders and members to start thinking like Opposition politicians and resurrect the fighting spirit it had during the Malayan Union era.

Congratulating elected leaders of the wings, Azalina said the democratic party polls should be seen as a positive boost to move forward.

"Those who won have to persevere to bring change to the party whereas those who lost, hopefully will not keep away from the party because the loyalty of members is its pillar of strength," she said in a statement.

Azalina also called for a full commitment from leaders at all levels to steer the party to a new phase.

"The spirit of being in the opposition has to be in Umno's DNA so that we can be agents of check and balance effectively.

"The leadership at all levels has to think and work like the opposition to be the eyes and ears of the people," she said.

Azalina encouraged members to be bold in giving constructive criticisms even if it is not always the nicest thing to hear.

"Umno needs leadership that is truly sincere, honest and loyal to the struggles to rebuild the party," she said.

Ahmad Zahid in an interview with a news channel on Saturday said that Umno has to eradicate the culture of warlords and money politics to regain public and members' confidence.

He said these were the two problems that had festered within Umno, although not all leaders conformed to such practices.

"Warlords are there at every level – the people who don't want to let go to pave the way for younger members to take over," Ahmad Zahid said.