Siti Kassim didn’t kidnap me, says client (Video)

PETALING JAYA: The client said to be kidnapped by Siti Kasim has denied that she was abducted.

The lawyer and activist was arrested yesterday for allegedly kidnapping her own client, Anis Izatty Ruslan, 24, and obstructing a government servant from carrying out his duties.

Selangor CID chief assistant commissioner Fadzil Ahmat today insisted that that police broke down the door of Siti’s to “rescue” Anis Izzatty Ruslan and to prevent the abducted person from hurting herself and others.

“The victim was supposed to undergo a psychiatric check-up at Kajang Hospital but was interrupted by Siti Kasim whom had barged into the examination room during the test on Thursday,” he said.

A video clip shared on Facebook by Suri Kempe, the programme manager at Muslim rights group Musawah, showed a police officer informing Siti she was under arrest for the abduction of Anis from a hospital, where she was being treated, under Section 186 of the Penal Code.

In the video, Anis is seen saying she was not kidnapped "She did not kidnap me. It is a lie," Anis said.

Siti was seen telling another person Anis' mother had lodged a police report claiming her daughter was mentally unstable and had been abducted by Siti from hospital.

"The police are arresting me because they are following procedure. They know about this story that Anis was abused by her mother and I was trying to save the girl. The girl willingly followed me," Siti said to the friend.

Siti said she would sue the police for damaging her house. It is learnt she would be taken to the Semenyih lockup for remand later today.

Watch the video here: