Woman strips hubby's mistress for public dressing down

AN enraged woman almost made a curry of her husband's alleged mistress when she confronted the woman and stripped her bare on the streets in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam on June 12.

The victim, a 30-year-old spa worker, was humiliated by the suspect in the 12am incident.

To the shock of witnesses, the suspect then proceeded to pour fish sauce and chilli powder on the woman's bare body.

The victim was then also attacked by passersby who felt she deserved it for her alleged actions.

Police, who were alerted to the incident, arrived at the scene soon after but the people involved in the attack had already left.

They did however identify the victim, who works in a beauty spa in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam, and advised her to file a police report.

She refused to do so as she felt it would make the situation worse.

"Many were cursing the woman's (the victim's) actions. According to the suspect, she had built her household for more than 10 years before the owner of the beauty spa destroyed her family," the witness said.

"The victim just lay on the road. Just letting herself be physically abused by these women and I believe she was taken to hospital due to burns on her skin from the chilli powder."

It has been found that this particular type of humiliation to mistresses is popular in Vietnam.