Book review: Rory Branagan Detective

THIS crime-fighting children’s book is actually kind of brilliant, and you don’t have to be 10 to enjoy reading it.

The first of an anticipated seven books, it introduces 10-year-olds Rory Branagan and Cassidy Callaghan.

Rory hates that adults don’t tell him things, especially about his dad who disappeared when he was three.

When a new family moves in next door, he meets the spunky and brave Cassidy, who convinces him to become a detective if he wants his questions answered.

Acting as his accomplice – they call each other Deadly Detective and Cat – the two run into their first crime to solve when their neighbour Corner Boy’s dad is poisoned after eating some takeaway.

Following clues to the Deadly Pirate, the restaurant from which Corner Boy’s dad got the takeaway from, they eventually piece the puzzle together before any of the adults, including police detective Stephen Maysmith.

Upon discovering his mum would be dining at the Deadly Pirate, Rory and Cassidy dash to the restaurant to save her by catching the culprit red-handed.

The detailed illustrations by Ralph Lazar, known for his Happiness is ... work, complements Clover’s relatively simple but apt style of writing in the book.

Guaranteed to make children laugh and adults chuckle, the comedic delivery works, not only because you’re reading from the perspective of a 10-year-old boy, but because it’s unexpected.

Perhaps it’s Rory and Cassidy’s tenacious spirits when it comes to pursuing what they want, in this case solving crimes, or uncomplicated outlook in life.

Whatever it is, you’ll feel like you’re on an adventure with them, and find yourself reminiscing about your own childhood.

Andrew Clover’s first book is a promising glimpse into what he has in store for children, and is a perfect ‘tool’ for family members to bond over.