Book review: Rory Branagan Detective: The Dog Squad

THE 10-year-olds Deadly Detective and Cat return to solving crimes in this second book by Andrew Clover.

Picking up from the last book, where Rory receives a note from his father, the young detective is more determined than ever to find out why his father disappeared seven years ago.

But before he can find out more, a slew of missing dog cases in the neighbourhood steals his and Cassidy’s attention.

He lists his prime suspects as residents living on his road, Dean Swift Drive, and stake out their homes from his room, since his ankle is still sprained from his last case.

Keeping him company on his stakeout is his best friend, Wilkins Welkin, the sausage dog that belongs to Mrs Welkin, the old lady from across the street.

Rory is adamant on keeping Wilkins Welkin safe, so when Cassidy drops by and wants to take the friendly dog out, he hesitates.

Fifty-four minutes later, he knows something is terribly wrong when the Cat appears at his door with a pale expression.

Wilkins Welkin has been dog-napped, and the duo is determined to solve the mystery, causing Cassidy to sneak into a suspected neighbour’s home while the injured Rory is left watching from his room.

When Cassidy runs into some trouble, Rory bands together with Mrs Welkin to save not only his accomplice, but also Wilkins Welkin and the other missing dogs.

Clover’s second book does not disappoint, with unexpected funny moments and thoughts from Rory and Cassidy.

It’s essentially another well-written crime story from Clover that keeps you guessing who the culprit is.

Children will appreciate the mental images of the exciting adventures the young detectives go on because of the descriptive, slightly exaggerated, but entirely plausible writing and illustrations.

Most importantly, the book keeps its fun ethos throughout, which is, honestly, inspiring for both children and parents.