Rising star

SYAFIQ Kyle is the latest heartthrob in the Malaysian film industry. Girls just cannot stop admiring the 26-year-old handsome actor.

He has acted in more than 50 television drama series. His first feature film Langsuir will hit the cinemas later this year.

Describe your childhood years?

I am a city kid. I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. My father was a former insurance agent (now retired) and my mother is a housewife. They have three sons and I am the middle child. My elder brother is a policeman while my younger brother is 17 and still studying.

My childhood dream was to be a footballer. But I suffered a terrible foot injury and I could not pursue this dream any more.

Tell us about your journey as an actor?

I am an accidental actor. I took a diploma in Film, Theatre and Animation. While studying, I began working for production houses to earn extra cash and to gain new experiences. I would take any job. But some producers thought I was more suitable to be in front of the camera.

So, I started out as an extra, and later I was given speaking parts. I was making good money and decided to stick to acting. I was only 20. I was aimless. I just went with the flow. But slowly I developed a passion for acting and now, I want to be an actor of calibre.

Tell us about your roles in your feature films?

My first feature film Langsuir combines the element of love and horror. It is about a guy who falls in love with a Langsuir (a female vampire). The director Osman Ali was very patient on the set. He wanted to create emotional scenes.

I have also completed shooting my second feature film Gol and Gincu 2 where I play a spoilt brat. But I am looking forward to my next role in my third feature film in August. I cannot reveal the title of the film just yet. But I will be playing a pirate.

I have never played a villain before so it will be interesting to play an antagonist. I am going to make my body lean and fit, so I can look believable as a pirate.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I would like to try my luck outside of Malaysia – perhaps in Indonesia, the Philippines and even Hollywood. One must not be afraid to dream big. I would also love to sit in the director’s chair and direct a film, something along the lines of Fight Club.

Some believe you are famous because of your good looks. Any comments?

I believe being good looking is just a bonus but if you rely only on your looks, you will not last long in the industry. When you give good performances, people will remember you and look forward to your next performance. I want people to look forward to my next project. I do not want to rely on my looks alone.

Some actors are bulking up. Are you planning to do the same?

Acting is not about how your body looks like. Acting is about emotions. But if my character requires me to look buff, I will do it. I will do anything for my character.

What do you love to do when you are not working?

I play football and go to the gym. I love being lazy, stay at home and watch films and documentaries. I also love travelling because travelling exposes you to new things and new experiences.

Last year I went to Europe where I visited Vienna, Budapest and Prague. This year I am planning to go Australia. Perhaps, I will visit the small towns there.

What is one advice you can give to new actors out there?

I love to share my knowledge with new actors. If you do not share your knowledge, you will forget what you have learned. I remember I was naive and nervous when I first started. I was clueless.

So whenever I see a new actor on the set, I will give him some tips on how the camera works and make him more confident. The most important thing is you must never get into this line just for fame.