Tame the unruliest of curls

THE world of hair care is indeed complex, but not how Swedish brand SACHAJUAN sees it.

The phenomenal rise in humidity causes hair to bends and coiled up in the most rebellious forms. Fortunately, SACHAJUAN’s new Curl Care Range helps discipline frizzy hair to be more manageable even in the most temperate weather.

Imagine having a smooth, nourished and controlled curls year-round without having to put up a fight against the sunny climes, or be subjected to a series of hair oil, dry shampoos or sea salt hairsprays.

SACHAJUAN’s approach to hair is simple; cleanse, condition and additional treatment if needed, to build an understructure for styling thus making it easier to care for and control.

To embrace the lustrous locks, the new Curl care range combines the brand’s signature Ocean Silk Technology - a blend of two cold water sea algae naturally harvested from the ocean that work together to boost elasticity, moisture and shine.

The “oceanic” formula nourishes the cuticles on each and every single strand of hair to build strength and shine for those textured waves and curls to stay under control from day to night. In fact, the patented formula seals out frizz while boosts maximum hold for more natural and defined curls.

Start off with a gentle cleansing action using the Curl Shampoo followed by the Curl Conditioner that contains the new Ocean Silk Curl Complex - a combination of SACHAJUAN’s Ocean Silk Technology and smooth working styling ingredients.

Simply lather the conditioner into cleansed hair from bottom up, focusing on the curl lengths and ends then rinse well after leaving it on the hair for two minutes.

Always remember to wash off the conditioner with cold water. Not only does it close and prevents dirt from entering the pores and accumulating on the scalp, it also closes the hair cuticles to seal in moisture because more moisture means less frizz.

Conditioners are often enough for many, but because of the twist and turns that got tangled up in the hair curvy nature, it calls for extra attention.

SACHAJUAN Curl Treatment encapsulates the highest level of Ocean Silk Complex to helps combat frizz, repair split ends and gives intensive nourishment for a manageable and fabulous shine.

Massage the treatment balm into freshly washed hair, and allow five to ten minutes for it to absorb then rinse well to provide a strong pre-styling foundation for the creation of transformative curls.

SACHAJUAN Curl Care Range is available exclusively at all KENSapothecary outlets in Malaysia.