Book review: Need to Know

HOW well do we really know the person sharing our life? What if your happy family is all just a big lie?

Vivian has been happily married for 10 years. She has four beautiful children, a loving husband, and an important job as a CIA counter-intelligence analyst, helping to uncover a network of Russian sleeper agents in the US.

She should be feeling euphoric when she finally manages to break into a file that contains the pictures of five sleeper agents – except one of the pictures is that of her husband. A man she thought she knew better than anyone.

Believing that he was targeted because of her job and that it was her fault if he was in trouble, Vivian is determined to do anything to get him out of it.

But one wrong step leads to another and before she knew it, everything is crumbling around her. Doubts set in.

But who can she trust? The man who has shared her life but who has been lying to her for 10 years?

Her friend and mentor? Her superiors? Or herself?

Need to Know is a gripping espionage thriller that keeps you guessing and speculating right to the end. It is suspenseful and heart-wrenching at the same time.
A good read.