Turn back the clock

AS facial masks continue to grow in number and popularity, Mary Kay brings you one that will solve all the little issues that comes with time. It is no surprise that as we grow older, our skin ages with us, and often causes several unwanted signs of aging.

Mary Kay introduces the innovative Timewise Repair Bio-cellulose Mask® that will smooth all your worries away.

If you experience unwanted lines or wrinkles on your skin, the Timewise Repair Bio-cellulose Mask® is the fix for you.

If you face symptoms of loss of firmness, elasticity, resilience or radiance on your skin, this mask offers a chance to bring those qualities back.

The innovation of the facial mask comes in the form of bio-cellulose, a pure, plant-based material derived from coconut water. The mask is made of a highly
absorbent 3D fabric, which is formed from interlocking fibres, allowing a complex of beneficial ingredients to be generously infused into the fabric.

These ingredients are known for its skin-conditioning benefits and includes oat kernel extract, orchid extract and sodium hyaluronate.

In just one mask there are several benefits, making your skin look brighter, more youthful and moisturised. Moreover, the mask allows for your facial contours to look visibly lifted and firmed, while improving your skin resilience and gives it a younger and healthier look.

Your skin will have a radiant glow with 24-hour moisturisation, a complete pampering for your face.

Mary Kay Timewise Repair Bio-cellulose Mask® is priced at RM ​264 per box.