Age not a barrier to continue working

AS our Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad celebrates his 93rd birthday, may he continue to enjoy good health, sound mind and the vitality to govern Malaysia.

Together with the people of Malaysia, I would like to pay tribute to a man who was asked the question whether he can govern the nation as a 92-year-old man then but he has set an example that age is no barrier nor an obstacle, especially to the older generation, to continue working and serving the community and the nation.

Tun's clarity of thoughts, well-articulated and sometimes witty reasons and arguments have astounded and dumbfounded the nation, which even the learned, the experienced and intellectuals have found difficult to respond. And if they do, they may incur a response unlike any other response or another lashing from the man who dares to say what is on his mind without hesitation or reservation.

Insulted and undignified many times over during the GE14 campaigning due to his age and perception that he has an ulterior motive behind his political comeback, his political opponents suggested he should just retire and leave the political scene.

Political peers across the globe have to take their hats off and salute Tun for his energy and intact brain cells, and one who dares to challenge the status quo and to tell us that change is the only way to move forward.

We were amused and laughed over many of Tun's insinuations and connotations he threw at critics and political opponents across the political divide. To the high and mighty and the unshakable, Tun has no doubt they can be brought down if you do the right thing.

To return from his political retirement and sitting at the pinnacle of power in Putrajaya at the "tender" age of 93 speaks volumes of his mental strength, his character, his mission and his destiny. His destiny is his choice and he makes that choice without a second thought at such a time when the nation needs that transformation to be where it ought to be.

Fragile though he may appear to be outwardly, inwardly he is a man of steel and courage, one who walks the talk and the steps of Putrajaya and declares again, "I came, I saw and I conquer".

We wish and pray that Tun will continue to enjoy good health, continue to bring changes this nation so desperately needs, and may he lives to a ripe old age to witness the fruits of his labour.

Special thanks to his wife Tun Dr Siti Hasmah and family for releasing her husband and their father to labour for the nation again in Putrajaya. Your best is yet to come. Happy 93rd birthday Tun.

Tan Eng Bee