Book review: The President is Missing

WHAT do you get when a former US president (Clinton) and a popular novelist (Patterson) get together to write a thriller? Tom Clancy-lite.

The story begins with US President Jonathan Duncan (who does not resemble the charming Clinton in any way) being grilled by the House Select Committee for his failure to apprehend a terrorist called Suliman, the mastermind behind some major cyber attacks across the globe.

Fed up with politicians trying to take him down and unable to explain his actions due to national security, Duncan leaves the White House with some secret service agents.

He goes to meet some people who can help him track down Suliman and stop an attack that will make the US completely vulnerable to her enemies.

Throw in the recently-widowed Duncan having serious medical problems, a mole among those closest to him, and a heavily-pregnant assassin hot on his trail, and you get a book that takes you on a roller-coaster ride.

This book reads like it is ready to be turned into a Hollywood action flick.