Jet-setting Nazifuddin has a ball

PETALING JAYA: While his father Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak struggles to raise part of a court bail for his freedom and relies on donations from Umno supporters, his son Mohd Nazifuddin Najib continues his jet-setting lifestyle.

Photos of him attending Sunday's World Cup final in Russia surfaced today on social media, which showed Mohd Nazifuddin at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium, watching France defeat Croatia.

He was photographed watching the match in one photo and posing with the football field behind him in another.

However, it is unknown if Mohd Nazifuddin was officially sent by the Olympic Council of Malaysia of which he is the secretary-general.

It was the second time he was captured gallivanting overseas since his father was charged for white-collar crimes involving former 1MDB subsidiary company SRC International on July 4.

Just a day after Najib was charged with criminal breach of trust and power abuse involving RM42 million, Mohd Nazifuddin was photographed in Taiwan together with Taiwanese actress Celia Zhang.

Several photos surfaced showing them dining at a plush restaurant.

The actress later admitted to holding Mohd Nazifuddin's hand and kissing him but denied they were romantically involved, claiming it was merely a friendly gesture.

Netizens were appalled by the photos and were angered that the former premier's son was gallivanting while his father's supporters were making efforts to raise his bail money of RM500,000.

A RM1 million bail was imposed on Najib by the court but he only managed to settle half of the sum, claiming he could not raise the balance.

This prompted a campaign by Umno members who donated towards the fund, including many who handed in their personal valuables such as jewellery to raise the sum within a week.