Robber drives off with victim's wife

PETALING JAYA: In an attempt to protect his wife, a man suffered serious injuries when he took on a lone robber outside a 24-hour convenience store at Aman Suria here today.

The couple who are in their 30's were on their way to work when the man who is an engineer decided to pull over at the store to buy some items at about 9am.

He left his wife in the car and as he walked up to the store, the robber who had just robbed the place stepped out.

It is learnt that the robber who was armed with a parang rushed over the engineer's car and tried to make his getaway with the vehicle but was stopped by the victim.

A struggle ensued and the engineer was overpowered by the robber when he suffered cuts on his hands and face.

The robber jumped into the car and drove off with the engineer's wife.

However, the woman begged the robber to free her and spare her laptop computer and cellphone in the car.

She promised to give him cash by withdrawing it from a nearby bank automated teller machine (ATM) if he agreed.

The robber then pulled over next to a bank in Taman Mayang and allowed the woman to withdraw the cash.

However, moments later, he sped off from the scene with the victim's car.

The woman then returned to the crime scene where she met up with her husband who was later treated for his injuries at a hospital.

It is learnt that the car was recovered hours later at an undisclosed location in the Klang Valley.

Petaling Jaya police chief ACP Mohd Zani Che Din said yesterday that a hunt for the suspect has been launched and police are gathering clues to the case.