Let's move forward: Kayveas

KUALA LUMPUR: The MyPPP war may have seen its ending with the Registrar of Societies (RoS) officially naming Tan Sri M. Kayveas as the interim president along with nine others in an interim committee on July 10.

Kayveas said the interim committee is made up of five people who are against him and were involved in his sacking but he has accepted the decision made by the RoS for the sake of the party.

"Although there may be some people who are unhappy with the RoS decision and have asked for a review, they will not stop until the RoS makes a decision that favours them.

"This is the opportunity for them to return to the 'proper party fold' and move forward ... the decision lies with them," he said.

He said if there are those who don't agree with the decision of the RoS, they can take over the job of the RoS until they get a decision that favours them.

The party president said he had also offered the post to those that had opposed him but they had turned it down.

"Today's meeting was conducted as usual as those against me failed to turn up but sent me letters stating that they were unable to make it due to prior commitments. But none of them opposed the council meeting," he said.

On the allegations that he had RM28 million worth of property, a mistress and had bought her a Porsche, Kayveas said he had lodged eight reports on the matter.

"Also those involved in spreading this fake news via the social media or news outlets have until July 31 to apologise and remove the posting.

"If they fail to do so, I will take legal action against them. I will not give them a second chance after July 31," he said.

Kayveas said in his report he had asked the police to look for his "mistress and Porsche" because his wife wants to meet her and she had also asked him why he had not bought her a Porsche.

He added that he had asked the police also to find the titles to the 89 pieces of land, two plots in Seremban and land in Ipoh because he wants it back.

He had also in his reports, he asked the police to contact their counterparts in Singapore and Dubai to get the titles to the property he supposedly owned there.

Kayveas said there were also allegations that he had taken 1MDB money and he had asked the police to find the money.

Speaking tongue in cheek, he said also could use the 1MDB money to buy a yacht and a plane.