Refresh and reconnect with Strongbow

THE WORLD'S No. 1 cider, Strongbow Apple Cider, recently collaborated with several local champions of nature to introduce some refreshment into our city, providing a balance of nature within in urban living.

Set in 1 Utama Shopping Centre, one of the busiest shopping malls in the city, Strongbow's Refreshing by Nature campaign was brought to life by renowned architect Dato' Dr. Ken Yeang, together with Biji-Biji Initiative, a collective of sustainability creators, and leading terrarium makers Ohsum Mossum, in three exhibits forming an interactive urban oasis.

The installation entitled 'The Wonderland' by Yeang recreated the experience of walking in a park or an orchard in a kaleidoscopic setting.

The 'trees' in 'The Wonderland' allowed visitors to discover our cognitive self – one can sit and gaze upon their own unique Wonderland, created by the reflection of the 'trees'.

'Concrete Jungle' by Biji-Biji Initiative addressed the concrete jungle issue through an inversion of the concept.

Visitors' interactions with the trees will trigger lights, and turn the space into a playful and welcoming jungle that responds to social activity, whilst developing a reciprocal relationship with people.

An experimentation of familiarity, 'Fresh Produce' by Ohsum Mossum reimagined the common view of a shopping mall, featuring aisles of produce overtaken by lush greeneries. The space evoked a feeling of displacement but at the same time, it encouraged visitorsto take a step back, exhale and connect.

The interactive experience offered its visitors a welcome 'escape' from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Present at the launch of the campaign were Heineken Malaysia marketing director Jiri Rakosnik, Meineken Malaysia sales director Andrew Woon, Ohsum Mossum founder Ronnie Khoo, Biji-Biji Initiative creator Nicholas Sheum, and TRHY general manager Andy Wong.

Rakosnik said: "The energy the city gives, the city takes too. We need to connect with nature to refresh our minds and keep our connections real.

"But we believe that urbanites do not need to leave the city to be refreshed by nature.

"Collaborating with these innovative minds has been an exciting endeavour and their take on Refreshing By Nature is both refreshing and enriching. Their creations allow consumers to connect more naturally with others and make the most of their city life."