Singapore to match Malaysia's road charge

SINGAPORE: Singapore will match in some form Malaysia's road charge (RC) of RM20 at the two land entry points to Johor – the Causeway and Second Link — that came into effect today, Channel NewsAsia reported.

Quoting a statement from the Transport Ministry, the report said Malaysia's road charge "is discriminatory against Singapore-registered vehicles as it is only applied at the Singapore checkpoints."

The report said that details will be announced by the Ministry in due course.

On Oct 29, Malaysian Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the Malaysian government had never practised discrimination in implementing the RC for foreign-registered vehicles from Singapore to enter Malaysia as it will also be implemented at the entry points from other countries in phases.

Liow said the RC implementation has been notified to his counterpart in Singapore in advance.

"Singapore has been charging RC on us for decades. We are only about to start now.

"There is no discrimination. We will impose the road charge not only at our border with Singapore, but also our borders with Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia with a similar charge of RM20 per car," Liow was quoted as saying.

An average of 20,000 Singapore-registered vehicles enter Malaysia daily via the Causeway and the Second Link. — Bernama