Judges urged to uphold integrity

PUTRAJAYA: Judges were today reminded to uphold their integrity as they are the last refuge of the people in seeking justice.

He advised judges to pass sentences on wrong doers with courage and without fear.

"Do not allow anyone to breach the doors of justice. Punish them and let it be a deterrent and warning to those observing from outside," said Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner Datuk Dzukilfli Ahmad in an open letter to mark his 100th day in office at the MACC headquarters here today.

Dzukilfli did not mince his words when he reiterated his stance on graft.

Vowing to come down hard on backhanders and power abusers, he pledged his life in his all-out war to free the country of corrupt practices.

"For those involved in corruption, listen to this warning again. Stop this betrayal of the nation by your corrupt ways and abuse of power. Step down and surrender. Do not continue being arrogant or you will soon face the music and fall," said the former deputy public prosecutor who assumed the top MACC post on Aug 1.

Dzulkifli urged politicians and community leaders to live up to their promises to the people and not hoodwink them with "tales" to bury the truth.

"Uphold the trust given to you by the people who want justice. Convince us by fighting corruption and power abuse so that it is wiped out from this land." he said.

He urged Malaysians especially parents, teachers and civil servants to awaken to the current state and not allow the country to slide into disaster.

As for his fellow MACC staff, he advised them to soldier on with their duties without fear or favour.

"I realise I have been given the huge and challenging responsibility of leading the MACC and as the days pass, I am optimistic and assured that it can be done as I can feel the undivided support, sincerity and acceptance of my huge MACC family."