AG's Report 2015: Appointment of unqualified contractor affected implementation of STC project

PETALING JAYA: The appointment of an unqualified and financially unsound contractor affected the implementation of the Service Technical Centre (STC) for the SU-30MKM fighter aircraft.

The Auditor General criticised the Defence Ministry in his report for the less than satisfactory performance for the STC project.

"The ministry had approved the second Extension of Time even though a Certificate of Completion had been issued," he said.

Tan Sri Ambrin Buang said the sluggish construction progress had resulted in a take over of the project by a nominated sub-contractor.

"The construction works were satisfactory except for a few certain non-compliance, inadequacies and defective issues which require appropriate measures to be taken," he said.

He added the construction of the STC is to ensure that the SU-30MKM fighter will always be in an optimum level to be operated in mission or training process.

The AG advised the defence ministry to appoint contractors based on their experiences, qualifications and capabilities to execute the project.

He added that the ministry should engage in continuous and effective monitoring so that such construction works are in accordance with the stipulated specifications and standard guidelines.