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Chia said the collaboration took two years because a lot of time was spent perfecting the Reebok Pump Fury: The Shadow of Phantom. – Sunpix by Shahril Basri
Reebok Pump Fury: The Shadow of Phantom

AS far as collaboration goes, the Reebok x Crossover by Joe Chia involves some of the biggest names in the industry. And this dynamic partnership has resulted in a pair of exclusive, sleek and minimalist pair of shoes in the name of “Reebok Pump Fury: The Shadow of Phantom”.

It plays on a metaphor of form that exists but hard to grasp, exactly like a shadow emitted by the phantom that is almost bogus to the naked eyes. This is accentuated through the monochromatic black colourway with understated geometrical lines, courtesy of Chia's fascination with distinctive yet subtle concept that represents minimalism.

Besides the shoes, the MA-1 Jacket and the Casio G-Shock timepiece are the other items that complement this collection. Both exude the essence of minimalistic sophistication too.

According to the sought-after local designer, a lot of hard work and thought were poured into this collection.

“It was a long journey that took two years because we spent a lot of time perfecting it – in terms of design, material and such. So, it’s great to finally be able to launch it now,” he said.

In a personal interview with theSun, Chia explained how the collaboration came about, the inspiration behind the shoes, and if fans can expect similar partnerships in the future.

Can you tell us what sparked the idea for Reebok Pump Fury: The Shadow of Phantom?

It started when we met with Crossover because they wanted to produce a few items that are exclusive for their store. From there, we decided to approach Reebok because I’m one of the brand’s ambassadors and when the latter responded positively to the idea, the project took off. That initial excitement is still here, even after two years, as this cooperation showed us that anything is possible as long as you work for it.

It took two years for this project to come to fruition. What were the challenges that you faced?

The Reebok Pump Fury: The Shadow of Phantom that we launched is not the original prototype that we began with because it has gone through several transformations.

As I said, the process making is endless as we wanted it to be perfect – from design to choice of accessories to colour and more, we want to make sure that it’s the best. Moreover, Reebok is an international company so we had to correspond back and forth with its headquarters in the United States and this took up time as well.

Since you were extremely meticulous with the whole conception, would you say that you’re a perfectionist?

I can’t say whether I’m a perfectionist or not, but what I do know is that it is my job, as a designer, to create products that are perfect. Especially in this case, where I had the chance to collaborate with an acclaimed brand such as Reebok. When the opportunity arises, it is my duty to challenge the boundaries and do the best that I can.

What was your muse for the shoes?

One of the main inspirations for it is derived from the Golden Ratio, a prominent principle in architecture and art. I incorporated it into the design and found that it fits quite well. This is why you can see hidden lines throughout the shoes. In fact, at the back of the shoes, you can find a tag that says “Joe Chia and Crossover” and behind it lies a hidden message and tagline: No Other Like You. Joe Chia promotes individualism because we believe that everyone is unique in their own way.

Are there plans for another collaboration?

The chief executive officer (CEO) of Reebok Malaysia really likes the product, so hopefully there will be other opportunities for us to collaborate again.

– The Reebok x Crossover by Joe Chia collection will only be available in Malaysia for a limited time at Crossover Mid Valley Megamall and Crossover online.