A Vote for Harith is a Vote for Malaysia

Malaysia’s Godfather of Stand Up Comedy — Sunpix by Zulkifli Ersal
Don't forget to VOTE for Harith — Sunpix by Zulkifli Ersal
Obviously Harith Iskander for funniest man in the world — Sunpix by Zulkifli Ersal

HARITH ISKANDER, Malaysia's Godfather of Stand Up Comedy is in the finals of the Laugh Factory Funniest Person in the World competition!

Voting ends on Saturday, 3pm Malaysian time.

THEN vote for HARITH ISKANDER here : http://voteforharith.com

Please note, voting will only be open for 24 hours AFTER the Final performances.

Let's do our part to ensure Harith becomes the funniest person in the world! Malaysia Boleh!