Energy boosting 'meat bar' for M'sian armed forces in the works

KUALA LUMPUR: A meat-based energy boosting food, 'Meat Bar', which is being produced by the Science and Technology Research Institute for Defence (STRIDE) for the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM), especially submariners, is expected to be made available to the Malaysian public early next year.

STRIDE senior researcher Dr Aznida Yusuf said the 'Meat Bar' was also suitable for pilgrims, rescue members, backpackers and hikers because it served the purpose of energy-boosting food like an energy bar.

She said the product was being developed to meet the food needs of submariners because of the limited space to prepare food in submarines.

"The need for food in a submarine is different from the ground. The space inside the submarine is small, and cannot be too oily and smoky to take care of the water quality.

"So, we are in the midst of developing a ready-to-eat meal to be added to the ration food pack of the Malaysian Armed Forces, which can be easily prepared in submarines," she told Bernama when met at the Malaysia Commercialisation Year 2016 (MCY2016) Summit.

MCY2016, a joint initiative of the science, technology and innovation ministry (MOSTI) and finance ministry (MOF), is aimed at promoting entrepreneurship culture, increasing awareness on commercialisation of the R&D and its impact on developing countries.

STRIDE director-general Dr Mohmad Asri Abd Ghani said he was confident of the product's marketability.

"Every product will be tested by the military because it was created for our soldiers.

"So, if the ATM agreed with the product and if it suits them, then we will introduce the product to the market.

He said before the MCY2016 was introduced, STRIDE did not market its products due to lack of research grants.

"MCY2016 is an excellent platform for us to introduce our product in the market and share knowledge. MOSTI and MOF are offering initiatives to market any product to be commercialised and help with the promotions and grants," he said.

Mohmad Asri said STRIDE had met with the Familie Lab company to market and commercialise the product.

"We aim to bring in the Meat Bar to the market early next year," he added. — Bernama