Mark of success

WHAT do Advance Tertiary College (ATC) students and medallists at the 2016 Rio Olympics have in common? They are officially world-class!

After attempting the recent Cambridge International A Level Examinations (CIE) in June 2016, a group of A'Level ATC students have emerged with podium-finish worthy results, standing head and shoulders above the field of competitors.

Top scorers taking their place amongst the "Pantheon of World Beaters" for the CIE A Level 2016 results include Oh Wan Cassandra, who scored 2A*s and 1A, Leow Wen Bin (2A*s, 1A), Melanie Yap Mei Rong (2A*s, 1A), Siah An Gel (3As), Teng Huey Yi (2A*s and 1A) and Tham Cheng Yee (2A*s, 1A & 1B). CIE a grade scale from A* (the highest grade) to E (minimum required performance).

Principal and CEO Dr Danny Choong praised the candidates for their hard work and stratospheric achievements.

"It was a joy to see so many young people achieve such positive results and fulfil their potential," he said. "This year the majority of our pupils achieved at least one top grade and many of the AS and A Level group have achieved all of their grades at C and above."

Choong said he and the rest of the dedicated team of lecturers here at ATC could not be prouder of the students this year, as the students did not only pass the exams but all expectations this year.

It is ATC's philosophy that all pupils should have a rewarding educational experience, and this has clearly been reflected in the A level results this year.

One of the key steps ATC takes to get its students up to mark lies in its lecture-tutorial methodology.

The college endeavour to ensure that its students always get a holistic and seamless view of the subjects by having different lecturers conduct the tutorials and lectures. This help to prevent the students from being stuck in a one-dimensional and allow their minds to take in the scope and grandeur of academia.

At ATC, the learning does not stop at the classroom, as its stupendous staff are always willing to sit down and go over whatever queries that may trouble a young students mind, be it academic or otherwise.

ATC is also well equipped with a fully-stocked library par excellence, a study room, and a cutting edge computer room to enable the students to access any and all information that they may ever need.