'Overwhelming response'

KUALA LUMPUR: Berjaya University College of Hospitality (UCH) and Berjaya College received an overwhelming response from the public and potential students at its open day in the weekend.

Berjaya, which is known for its Culinary Arts programme, has also introduced two new programmes — Business and Liberal Arts courses.

The Berjaya Business School, which began this year has so far completed two semesters and is offering all of its programmes on a special launch scholarship scheme for 2017.

Students can get up to 100% tuition fee waiver.

The Faculty of Liberal Arts will be launching its Communication Degree Programme in 2017.

Showcasing some 66 hands-on workshops and 21 forums by industry professionals, Berjaya University College and BE also gave a brief tour around its city campus complete with five-star facilities.

Berjaya has the only institution in Malaysia, which offers the Global Master Chef Certification Programme due to it having the only Global Master Chef Trainer in the country, Chef Jochen Kern, who is also the Culinary Arts Faculty Director.

"Berjaya's teaching style is all through immersion methodologies, that it has specially created a fine dining sampling restaurant and a deli café in the campus.

"This is how they become experienced in a short time, getting the industry's set-up of practical learning while still at school," said a spokesperson at the Open Day Showcase, held on Dec 17 and 18 at the Berjaya University College of Hospitality here.

Besides this, Berjaya UCH has opened doors to young people with special needs to get education and gain skills.

Berjaya College is also one of Malaysia's most versatile institution that offers a Technical-Vocational Educational Training (TVET), offering a variety of skill-based courses designed to equip students for immediate employability.

Among the array of workshops and forums held in the two days were Continuum of Education Services (Special Education to Inclusive Education) Transition from School to Work, 'Pastry World' by Chef Zulkarnine, Human Capital Development — Investment for Growth, Culinary Gastronomy Future, Korean Language and Culture, Fruit Carving, Coffee Appreciation Workshop, and Mixology Workshop.