Jakim: Daim, Toblerone chocolates do not have halal certification

KUALA LUMPUR: The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) has confirmed that the Daim and Toblerone brands of chocolate have no 'halal' certification.

The two brands had not also obtained halal certification from any overseas halal certification body recognised by Jakim, it said in a post uploaded onto its Facebook account.

"Be smart consumers by buying products bearing the Malaysian halal logo or those from abroad recognised by Jakim," it said.

The people can surf the website www.halal.gov.my to learn about products with the Malaysian halal certification or overseas halal certification recognised by Jakim, it said.

They can also surf the Jakim Halal Hub Division at https://m.facebook.com/HabHalalJakim/ if they have any doubts and required an explanation on halal issues, it added. — Bernama