Building a global network

MANAGEMENT & Science University (MSU) is one of Malaysia's top universities that focuses strongly in the critical areas of studies that encompasses Medicine, Health Sciences, Pharmacy, Information Sciences & Engineering, Business Management & Professional Studies, Education & Social Sciences, Hospitality & Culinary and Music & Fashion.

As Malaysia’s best teaching and learning university, MSU gives priority to quality education and the importance of creative teaching methodologies towards producing quality and holistic graduates.

MSU, through its Graduate School of Management (GSM), recognises that today’s global companies require managers with a broader outlook. Through its internationalisation efforts, MSU managed to attract top students, employ faculty members with overseas experience as well as form effective links with business.

The MSU-MBA programme offers students an experiential learning in cross-cultural communications, the opportunity to build a global network and the possibility to create future international career opportunities. Aside from this, students will have the opportunities to develop their management skills and techniques to obtain strategic orientation and implement the strategies formulated.

The MSU-MBA programme helps students to develop skills in leadership, entrepreneurship, strategic management and decision making, and trains them to become successful leaders in their area and be entrepreneurial thinkers in the most competitive markets. This programme also provides sufficient knowledge to students to understand the various facets of an organisation so as to formulate successful strategies.

Active Learning Exercises act as a basis for verbal analysis and discussion, allowing for a rich learning environment by integrating the “real world” into the classroom. This broadens students’ understanding of issues by inviting them to think beyond the text material.

Professors of the MSU-MBA programme are accomplished educationists who have also made significant contributions to the business world, both as academics and working professionals. They have conducted research and published articles across a broad range of business and professional areas.

Apart from the MBA programme, MSU’s School of Graduate Studies also offers PhD and Master programmes in various fi elds, which includes Management/ Business, Accounting/ Finance, Management, Educational Management and Leadership and Education (Teaching English as Second Language).

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