Sedania, Iscada Net team up for IoT venture

PETALING JAYA: Sedania Innovator Bhd is partnering with Iscada Net Sdn Bhd for the provision of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for five years, effective Dec 21, 2016.
In a filing with the stock exchange, Sedania said its wholly owned subsidiary IDOTTV Sdn Bhd had entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Iscada Net Sdn Bhd.

Sedania said the partnership, which is to design and supply devices that allow for instant connectivity and connection between the designated buildings and fire stations, is part of the company’s venture into the IoT technology.

“The venture is expected to contribute positively to growth of the company and contribute positively to the earnings of the group in the future.

“The agreement is also consistent with Sedania and its subsidiaries’ corporate objective of profit maximisation, increase shareholder value and improve business sustainability,” it noted.

Iscada was established in 2009 as a technology provider for an advanced integrated fire detection solution and other e-maintenance solutions.