Movie Review - La La Land

THIS romantic musical begins on Los Angeles highway, where an aspiring actress, Mia (Emma Stone), and jazz pianist Sebastian, (Ryan Gosling) having a brief moment of road rage.

This marks the first time that the two meet.

The two are struggling to make it in Hollywood. Mia has gone for one audition after another, but has not got any acting jobs. Sebastian, meanwhile, is having difficulty paying his bills.

One night, Mia is forced to walk back to her apartment after her car was towed. She passes by a restaurant, and hears a beautiful melody. She enters the restaurant and finds Sebastian playing the piano.

The owner of the restaurant Bill (J.K. Simmons) is angry that Sebastian is not playing any Christmas songs, and fires him. As Sebastian walks out, Mia attempts to compliment his playing but he coldly ignores her.

A few months later they meet again under better conditions, and the two become lovers. But their dreams eventually drive them apart.

Five years later, their paths once again cross. What will be the outcome of their love story?

I am big fan of Damien Chazelle’s Whiplash, so I wanted to see his latest film, which has been getting a lot of praise and has even been declared a strong contender for the next Oscars.

Sadly, I was disappointed to a certain degree. Let me first clarify that this is not terrible film. It is just an enjoyable passable musical that will put a lovely smile on your face.

However, it doesn't have enough charisma to be memorable, and most of all, the film simply did not have the intensity that Whiplash had. Frankly speaking it is not worth to be considered for an Oscar.

The actors did churn out decent performances, but nothing that will take your breath away. The chemistry between the two leads is sweet and wonderful to watch.

One of my favourite moments is the opening scene where there is a traffic jam where everyone starts coming out from their cars and start singing their heart out.

Another great scene is near the end, where the two leads ponder how their love story would have shaped out if they had chosen a different path.

After the movie is over, I asked myself, would I watch this movie again? And the answer is big 'No'.

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