London pop-up lets customers pay for lunch with a workout

WEDNESDAY, Jan 11 brings a new pop-up café concept to the London food scene, encouraging lunchtime diners to get active by using exercise as a form of payment.

Over the last few years, restaurant and café proprietors have been coming up with all kinds of ideas for alternative payment methods. Some have let diners pay by washing up, while others have invited customers to choose the amount they pay.

British gym chain David Lloyd is opening a pop-up eatery that's worthy of a public health campaign. As well as drawing sedentary workers out from behind their desks to come down to the café, hungry hopefuls must complete a six-minute high-intensity interval workout to claim their free lunch. Take-out is an option, but customers won't escape the workout if they want to eat.

Customers place their order then head to a rowing machine for one minute, an exercise bike for one minute then a treadmill for one minute. They then complete a series of traditional gym exercises, such as squats, lunges and sit-ups. The café team recommends slipping into a gym kit for greater comfort.

The eatery, called "Run For Your Bun", serves up healthy lunches largely comprising protein, pulses, fruit and vegetables.

The café is located in Covent Garden (3 Slingsby Place) and will be open from 12pm to 3pm until Friday, Jan 13. Bookings can be made at — AFP Relaxnews