Observations show Selangor's no to plastic bags and polystyrene is successful

PETALING JAYA: Early observations seem to indicate that Selangor's efforts to reduce the use of plastic bag and polystyrene containers is successful.

Tourism, Environment, Green Technology and Consumer Affairs exco Elizabeth Wong said nine out of ten customers in most supermarkets are now bringing their own containers or bags.

"We have observed at most supermarkets that 90% of consumers are very conscientious and are bringing their own bags. Kudos to them," Wong told theSun through a text message yesterday.

She said feedback from both consumers and retailers have been good so far and it is proof that Selangor citizens are smart consumers.

Wong noted that, however, there are currently no hard statistics as the campaign has only been in effect for 10 days since the new year started.

She added that non-compliance will result in an RM1,000 fine as the plastic bag and polystyrene container ban is now a condition to obtain business licenses.

Wong also refuted Urban Wellbeing, Housing, and Local Governments Minister Tan Sri Noh Omar's assertion that the campaign will fail since retailers are still allowed to sell plastic bags at RM0.20 per bag.

The proceeds generated by plastic bag sales would then be channeled to environmental protection organisations, but an aide to Wong was reported as saying there are no legal obligations for businesses to do so.