An ideal venture

Tree Sparina by Ideal Property Group
Queens Waterfront aerial shot.
Tree Sparina pool view

IT is said that giving is better than receiving, and a company that clearly embodies this spirit is Ideal Property Group. A leading property developer in Malaysia, that focuses its modus operandi in Penang, it has completed many successful construction projects over the years.

In fact, it has been making such an impact in the “Pearl of the Orient” that the company was dubbed the “Penang Condo King” recently. Among the reasons why they were awarded this moniker, their incredible performance in delivering a high number of condominium units in Penang stand out.

To-date, it has built over 7,000 units of high-rise condominiums, with another 6,000 units under construction and 10,000 more being planned for upcoming projects. Moreover, Ideal is renowned for its creative development concepts too.

From the Greek-inspired I-Santorini to the nature-influenced Forest Ville, as well as the Slow City concept seen in Ideal Vision Park and the theme park resort home of Imperial Park, it always builds its projects in imaginative ways.

Besides its creative spirit promises, the company is steadfast and firm in its vows to construct quality homes. Ideal has steadily established significant developments across the landed, high-rise and commercial industries with projects ranging from One Residence, One Imperial, Fiera Vista, I-Avenue and The One.


More than just another company with illustrious achievements, Ideal is one that incorporates philanthropy in its day-to-day running. As it is a strong believer in giving back to society, the company is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) enthusiast.

Whether it is building schools, surau, temples or market, Ideal has actively participated in every endeavour. In Bayan Lepas alone, Ideal has been involved with three schools: Straits International School, SMJK Heng Ee Bayan Baru branch, and SRJK(C) Shih Chung.

For Straits International School, Ideal fully sponsored and constructed a new six-storey campus. Their rationale is to uplift the education level in the Penang South West District by offering the community an additional educational choice besides the local government school.

Meanwhile, the first batch of 186 students reported to SMJK Heng Ee Bayan Baru branch on Jan 2. The school land, measuring 3.24ha, was contributed by Ideal Property with the total construction cost amounting to RM50 million. With the new branch of SMJK Heng Ee in Bayan Baru, Ideal is also assisting the relocation of Heng Ee Primary School from George Town to South West District, so that students can continue to pursue their studies under the same school from primary to secondary.

On the other hand, Ideal is helping SRJK(C) Shih Chung to relocate to the Penang South West District. A historical primary school of over 100 years, it has gradually shrunk to only 24 students and 11 teachers. Hence, the relocation is to assist the district growing population and to maintain the school’s legacy.

Ideal’s generosity in the education field extends to children with intellectual disability too. It donated a school land to SJK(C) Aik Hua, located in Relau. This school is the only primary school in Penang that provides special needs children education – the relocation helps to sustain the school growth and caters to this special group. More than that, Ideal also fully sponsored an administrative building. The construction is expected to commence in June 2017 and is targeted to be completed by year 2018.

Additionally, it provided a plot of land valued at approximately RM15 million to build a new branch of the School For Mentally Retarded Children which is located at Relau. Since the school had reached its maximum capacity in its original location, this new one will benefit 200 special-needs children. The two-storey building comprises a multipurpose hall, 15 classrooms, an exercise room, a garden and other facilities to provide a comfortable learning environment for the kids.

Besides the contribution towards education, Ideal makes every effort to maintain local culture and practices of the community. The company also sponsored construction cost for a surau, contributed buildings to temples, and developed a modern market complex out of its goodwill.


Proving that success is possible on all fronts, the Penang Condo King cements its capabilities when its project, Tree Sparina, won the Noble Excellence Awards 2016 Northern Best Development of the Year – Residential High Rise (Platinum) Award.

Located in Bayan Lepas, Tree Sparina is made up of three towers with 548 units and is created for an ideal, futuristic living. The intention was to create a country home living in a modern setting that allows residents to enjoy the tranquillity and relaxation through the green and low carbon environment. Hence, residential, dining, shopping, recreation and sport facilities are all available in this one-of-a-kind township.

A perfectly planned and well-executed project, it is easy to see why Ideal and Tree Sparina are worthy of the given accolade. Continuing on from this positive momentum, the company has many exciting projects planned in the pipeline. From mixed development to high-rise residential to mixed-used development, these projects will cover areas in Bayan Lepas, Sungai Ara and Tanjung Tokong.

For a company with a motto of “Creating Legacy”, the Penang Condo King has indeed cashed in on its promise. Its track records show that Ideal has developed innovative and excellent properties across Penang that will benefit society. Equally important, the company is also impacting the community in a deeply positive manner through its CSR projects. Therefore, it is fair to say that Ideal is certainly living up to its reputation and goal.