MUH exec chairman lodges police report against director

PETALING JAYA: The executive chairman of Multi-Usage Holdings Bhd (MUH), Ang Kim Cheng, has lodged a police report against its non-executive director Tan Chew Hua for the unauthorised use of the company’s letterhead and submission of documents to the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM).

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia on Jan 20, the board of directors of MUH said the company secretaries had received two letters dated Dec 22, 2016 from Tan authorising a statutory audit on MUH and another for the termination of the company secretaries’ services.

The company also found that Tan had lodged Form 48A, Form 49 and minutes of the board of directors’ meeting with the SSM.

The report also said the non-executive director, who had been terminated from his position, also submitted a cover letter and minutes of meeting to the SSM.

MUH stated that Tan does not have the rights to execute any letters under the letterhead of the company legally and has no power to conduct a statutory audit and to stop the company secretaries from performing their duties following his suspension.

In November 2016, MUH announced the suspension of Tan for two months.