Dying for laughs

The Laugh Die You show will see Kuah (left) go up against Lee (right), and Atherton in a head-on comedy battle. — Pix courtesy of Popcorn Studio
Local standup comic Kuah Jenhan takes on two of Singapore’s best in a side-splitting comedy show at Resorts World Genting. — Pix courtesy of Popcorn Studio

FANS of the regional standup comedy scene are gearing up for a night of fun, with the upcoming instalment of the popular Laugh Die You comedy show.

Set to take place at the Genting International Showroom in Resorts World Genting on Feb 11, the event, themed The Mob, will see three of the region’s hottest talents squaring off in a ­comedy turf war between Singapore and ­Malaysia.

Representing Singapore are Mark Lee – a renowned actor in films like Money No Enough and Liang Po Po, and the director of the hit comedy, The Ghosts Must Be Crazy – as well as New Zealand-born Jonathan Atherton, who heads up Comedy Club Asia and has performed extensively across Asia and Europe.

Flying the flag for Malaysia is ­local standup comic Kuah Jenhan, who has performed sold-out shows around the region, including a month-long ­showcase at the Melbourne ­International Comedy Festival in 2015.

He was also nominated for last year’s Perth Fringe World Comedy Award for his show, Like This Like Dad.
In an exclusive email interview with theSun, Kuah shared his thoughts about the show.

Where have you been looking for material for the gig? From personal experience, or based on news from Singapore?
“Most of my material are personal ­experiences and ­observations. News from Singapore does sound ­interesting but [is there] really ‘news’ from ­Singapore?
“Aren’t their news just like ‘MRT continues working fine’, or ‘Jaywalker ­arrested. Crime rates are up’!”

Will any topic be too taboo, or are you going to go all out?
“I will try to go all out in trying to bring the funny, of course. I won’t be too concerned with taboos because I generally am a clean comedian.”

Why do you think ­Malaysians and ­Singaporeans always get under each other’s skins?
“I think we just have a rivalry akin to the one siblings have, only because we are so similar and so close in proximity.
“You know, just a little hair-pulling once in a while but, ultimately, nothing ­malicious!”

Do you think you have a homeground advantage with the audience?
“This is tricky! Although Genting is in Malaysia and, ­therefore, should ­offer a homeground advantage but Genting is also ­really unlike the rest of Malaysia. It’s colder and more unfamiliar – [both the] ­temperature and people. Haha!”

What unique ­Singaporean quirk makes you laugh?
“The fact that they think we speak weird because we use ‘lah’ instead of ‘leh’.”

Who are your biggest comedy ­influences?
“At the moment, Mike Birbiglia, Scott Aukerman, John Mulaney, to name a few.”

What do you think of the local standup comedy scene today, compared to when you started out?
“Definitely thriving! We only had one show a month when I started, and that was because we started it.
“Now, there are many shows a week you can attend, and even try your hand at performing at the comedy club or an open mic night.”

Where can your fans see you next?
“Definitely at the Laugh Die You show on Feb 11, in the fairly ­unMalaysian ­Malaysia Genting Highlands!”

Tickets are available at www.rwgenting.com/shows/events/Laugh_Die_You_4/ and www.ticketpro.com.my/jnp/home/index.html

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