Police looking for irresponsible Myvi driver who blocked ambulance (Video)

SHAH ALAM: Police are actively pursuing an irresponsible Perodua Myvi driver who deliberately blocked the emergency lane path of an ambulance driver along the Federal Highway here.

Selangor police chief Datuk Seri Abdul Samah Mat warned the driver to turn his/herself in before the police go knocking at his/her door.

“We know about the case and are investigating it. Police will trace the identity of the driver and call them up to facilitate our probe.

“I urge the driver to come forward to the police,” he said during a press conference at the state police headquarters here today.

The video of the incident became viral on social media this week, the two minute long video recorded from an onboard camera inside the ambulance shows the Myvi driver cutting in and out of traffic recklessly and refusing to give way to the ambulance who was on the emergency lane.

All throughout the video, the ambulance’s siren could be heard blaring and other users on the road did give way to the emergency vehicle.

The Myvi driver was hogging the emergency lane during a traffic jam with the ambulance trailing behind the vehicle in attempts to overtake it.

At one point the ambulance and Myvi almost had a collision as the Myvi had applied the brakes suddenly.

A time stamp on the video shows that it took place sometime on January 13 heading towards Batu Tiga.