Movie Review - Kung Fu Yoga

PROFESSOR Jack (Jackie Chan) is a ­renowned Chinese archaeologist who is approached by Ashmita (Disha Patani), a beautiful professor from India, to help locate the lost Magadha treasure.

With his in-depth historical knowledge and armed with cutting-edge technological devices, Jack together with his team who includes fellow adventurer Jones Lee (Aarif ­Rahman) eventually discovers the treasure hidden and frozen in a Tibetan ice cave.

The group’s success, however, is short-lived as they are ambushed by Randall (Sonu Sood), a descendant of a rebel army leader.

Now, they have to ­retrieve a diamond that has been stolen from the ice cave, because it is the key to unlocking the real treasure.

As a fan of most Jackie Chan movies, I have to admit that this film turns out to be a big letdown. I find it hard to rationalise its series of events, perhaps ­because certain scenes seem so redundant.

I also find the acting to be slightly rigid, and the dialogue sounds like the actors are merely reading off the script.

However, Aarif and Amyra Dastur, who plays ­Ashmita’s ­assistant Kyra, deserve a ­mention – both share good on-screen chemistry which helps to make the film more enjoyable. And as usual, Chan’s signature action comedy antics do not ­disappoint.

I love action movies with a strong story, but while I find this film’s story to be quite solid, it is also a little heavy for audiences.

I am also a little puzzled where the yoga in the movie’s title comes in as there isn’t much of that here.

The best scene for me has to be the luxury car race in Dubai. It’s a little unrealistic but you will enjoy the adrenaline rush.

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