Staying natural

For Wong, health is her passion to give back. – Sunpix by Norman Hiu
Her company, Bio Juice, produces cold press juices and smoothies. – Sunpix by Norman Hiu
Wong has been on a plant-based diet for seven years. – Sunpix by Norman Hiu

AN individual may not just have one passion; she may have two or three and for Lisa Wong, broadcasting is her first passion, having been in it for more than 15 years. Then the time came when she pursued her second passion in health and well-being which led her to become a professional diet and nutrition therapist.

“Health is my passion to give back. As an extension, I went to study a diet and nutrition course for a year. I have been very blessed and hence, I want to share what I have gained. I want to get as many people as possible to be healthy and to understand that they are responsible for their own health,” she said.

Wong has been on a plant-based diet for seven years, and started exercising when she was in her teens. She finds that living a healthy lifestyle helps her perform and keeps her looking her best. And raising the ante, she has developed her own product range.

“Bio Juice is my company where I develop cold press juices and smoothies. They are based on my formulations and at the moment, it is unmatched in the market and when I say that, it is because a lot of cold press juiceries make it with just vegetables and fruits. Mine has got healthy fats and proteins that work in synergy. It means your body is properly assimilating and absorbing it, and that is the secret about diet,” she said.

A balanced diet is having your macro nutrients which are your proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats plus your micro nutrients which are your vitamins and minerals.

Many people today are deficient in minerals, especially potassium and magnesium. Beans are high in minerals but if you are not a fan of it, brown rice, quinoa, millet and buckwheat are an alternative.

Wong said there is some truth in not getting the necessary nutrients being on a plant-based diet because B12, one of the vitamins, is only found in animal produce. Science has not been able to discover it in the plant kingdom yet and hence, she takes B12 in spray form as it is more absorbent than pills.

“I have to enlighten you that there is no harm in consuming meat; you can still be very healthy. For me, it is for an ethical reason. Meat can be healthy when consumed in moderation. It’s just that today’s modern diet is so full of processed and pre-packed food. Natural produce from the ground is what you should go for; that is what keeps you healthy,” she said.

Wong starts her day with 30G, one of her formulations that will be available in Bio Juice, which she has been taking for more than three years. Dense and nutritious, it keeps her full until lunch and for lunch, she usually takes something raw like a salad.

“I am a low-carb kind of person so I don’t really consume grains. Occasionally, I will take mixed grains like brown rice mixed with quinoa or millet. My proteins are my legumes, beans, lentils and acai, while my carbohydrates are squash, pumpkin, potatoes and sweet potatoes.

“I don’t take white flour, instead I ground my own buckwheat or millet flour. I don’t take processed sugar, and even very minimal brown sugar. I use dates and raisins, things that are natural to sweeten my food. If I had to take processed, it would be palm sugar or coconut sugar; these are pretty healthy,” she said.

The health market and industry is gaining momentum and as a consumer, pay careful attention when you go shopping. Many may not want to read the ingredient list, but Wong thinks it is something everyone should practise.

“I select only organic or natural. I even make my own toothpaste. I mix coconut oil, calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate. I have been using regular consumer products, even the healthy ones, but my teeth and gums have never been better since using my own toothpaste. It is whiter, which is surprising, and it is so low-cost to make your own, and you feel good after that,” she said.

At the moment, Wong has found three items that are natural or organic – that is her foundation, nail varnish and remover, and lipstick. There is so little natural skincare products, and natural make-up has not gained the same leverage; however these are slowly rising.

“I initially thought it was difficult to be all natural. The transition took some time, over a period of one and a half years. You can go completely, but it will be overwhelming. I did it with my own toothpaste first, then skincare and hair; basically in stages so you feel completely assimilated into it.

“Because now I am more in-tune, it has become a lifestyle and is much easier. For anybody who wants to transition, never give up. You will come to a phase where it gets easier,” she said.


Instagram: @lisawongs

Descent: Chinese Ceylonese

Fashion style: Classic with an edge

Her vices: Dark chocolate and ice cream

Hobbies: Working out, painting and reading

Favourite destinations: Japan, Malacca and Penang