Horrifying video of girl flung to her death (Video)

A RECENT horrifying video that went viral on social media captured moments of one of the thrill rides in Chaohua Park in Chongqing, China flung a 13 year old girl out from her seat, while her leg was still clinging onto the ride.

China's product safety regulator said in a statement late Saturday that the girl had slipped from her seat after her seatbelt broke while the safety railing had not been secured tight enough to lock her in her seat.

The ride which spins very aggressively caused the girl to be tossed around like a rag doll before she came slamming down onto the metal fence railing below with a loud thump.

The force was so hard that the railing was bent.

The West China Metropolis Daily reported on Sunday that the girl's family had reached a compensation agreement with the park amounting to 870,000 yuan (RM562,356).

Watch the video here: