Atmosphere at fire victim's house turns gloomy

SUBANG JAYA: The calm in the compound of the house where a family of four were killed in a fire early this morning turned sad with the presence of the late 17-year-old Lim Yeong Wei's schoolmates.

His friends, who were still in school uniforms, were seen shedding tears as if they could not believed the mishap befalling their good friend.

Lim was a form five students at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seafield, here located about 100m from his house.

School teachers and the students' parents were seen pacifying the victim's friends who could not contain their grief.

Lim's classmate, who wanted to be known as Wong, said Lim was a cheerful person who respected the teachers and other students.

He said Lim was a smart student and could easily get along with anybody.

"He was friendly with all and always called out 'Hai Cikgu', 'Hai Uncle' ... we, his classmates, found out about the sad news after our teacher told us," said Wong, who knew Lim since Form One.

In the incident at 5.30 am, the family of four were found dead, purportedly from smoke inhalation after their house in USJ2 was razed.

The bodies of Lim Ah Kok, 59, with his sons Lim Yeong Liang, 20, and Lim Yeong Wei, were found face down in rooms upstairs while the body of their mother, Goh Bee Khion, 52, was found in a sitting position in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, a friend of Ah Kok regarded him as a cheerful individual who liked sports.

Andy Ng, 60, who was met at the location of the incident said he knew Ah Kok for more than 40 years when they studied at Chung Ling High School in Penang.

He said both Ah Kok and him who were from Butterworth, Penang also liked to spent time on recreational activities together if they had free time.

"I found out about the news after reading it online and it was very shocking ... I rushed here to see for myself what had happened," he said, adding the last time he met Ah Kok was about two months ago in Taman Wawasan, Puchong.

Meanwhile, when met at Serdang Hospital, cousins, Suzette Chong and Yvonne Goh, in their 30s, were in tears for losing their beloved aunt, Bee Khion.

According to Chong, Bee Khion was a loving aunt who looked after all of her nieces and nephews and constantly keeping in touch with all of them.

"She was the one taking care of me since I came to Kuala Lumpur eight years ago, although I was not her real daughter she took care of me and loved me like her own," Chong said adding that they last met on Friday.

Chong and Yvonne received the horrible news regarding their aunt through their personal family group chat in Whatsapp, and immediately rushed to the house.

"I celebrated my birthday after returning from Taiwan with my aunt's family on Jan 28, she even called me several times asking me to visit her," Yvonne said. — Bernama