Book Review - A Little, Aloud with Love

THIS book consists of ­excerpts from well-known stories c­oupled with prose and poetry, and is especially compiled for the purpose of being read aloud to someone you love.

Most of the works are written by members of The Reader Organisation, a charity ­dedicated to making it possible for people of all ages and ­backgrounds to enjoy and engage with ­literature on a deep and personal ­level.

Its members come together in weekly read-aloud book groups held in libraries, community centres, prisons, drug ­rehabilitation centres, hospitals, etc.

This is the third anthology in the ­series. The first comprised a general selection of poems and stories, while the second consisted of stories for children.

From William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, to Jane Austin’s Sense and ­Sensibility, and Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, you can ­relive the greatest love stories ever written, this time paired with beautiful poems that take the lessons and emotions contained in the stories to another ­level.

Whether these are well-loved stories or lesser-known tales, there is bound to be one or two works here that you can relate to.

And reading these aloud could bring a new understanding and new ­perspective to how you look at love.

This is an interesting read, especially if you are into poetry.