(Video) Hawker threatens to rape business rival

"I WILL rape you here!!!" threatened a stall vendor just because a woman opened a stall near his, and was selling drinks as well.

On the Facebook page, "Sosej Sambal", the video showed the angry tirade from a man in a floral shirt, yelling at the woman for opening up a stall near his at Sri Damansare after the LDP highway.

He cursed and yelled as she was selling drinks, which was also his business.

The man also insulted her for being unmannered as she did not greet him before starting her business.

Also seen another female stall operator asking if she opened a stall at that area just to spite her.

The 1.02 minutes video uploaded yesterday has since gone viral drawing mixed reactions from netizens.

Although most were disgusted with the man for uttering such words urging the woman to lodge a police report and asked him to man up and accept competition is business as a norm.

While some agreed that opening up a stall next to an existing stall offering the same goods as sabotaging another person's rice bowl.

Watch the video :