Money bouquet of RM13,200 for Valentine's day

Screen shot from Facebook
Screen shot from Facebook
Screen shot from Facebook

VALENTINE'S day can be a very expensive celebration, and it just set this man back RM13,200!

A young entrepreneur, Ong Kai Sheng proposed to his fiance of four years with a customised bouquet made of 62 roses.

The roses were made from RM20 and RM100 notes.

His partner, Leng Sheng Phan was surprised when Ong showed up with a bouquet of flowers made from money and proposed to her at the restaurant.

"I thought it was just a lunch date with him. I really did cry. Thank you for all the love and care you've showered me with throughout the journey. You were there for me when I was sick and sad. Our love is immortalised by these 62 money roses. And darling, yes, I do," (sic) Leng wrote on her Facebook.

The pricey proposal has gone viral with netizens wishing the newly engaged couple best of luck.