MRT upgrades call centre

PETALING JAYA: Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Sdn Bhd (MRT Corp) upgraded its 24-hour call centre and complaint management system (CMS) to also have closed communication with affected stakeholders on rail construction activities.

System Deputy Director Mahadi Mahmud said the main objective of the enhancement is to allow for a more effective and timely ways in handling all the public enquiries and concerns regarding the MRT project.

"Ever since we used the new upgrades in the CMS, the call centre has effectively resolved 96% of public complaints as compared to only 62% before the upgrade with most issues pertaining to traffic, construction and environment.

"We strongly believe that managing complaints through a professionally managed process minimizes public's inconvenience, and helps to improve the overall credible reputation of the company and project," he said during a media briefing on the call centre today.

Mahadi said some of the enhancement done includes standardisation of procedures and additional functions to the CMS platform.

"Some of the functions added are creation of a unique case-file for each complaint, enabling the platform to be accessible by all parties via the CMS apps and evidence based resolution using photos or videos in-built to the system upon case resolution," he added.

He said there is also a resolution timeline which both the project delivery partner (PDP) and work package contractors (WPC) must strictly follow, otherwise there will be some punitive consequences for either party.

"For example, a pot-hole complaint will need to be responded within 30 minutes of the complaint received and it must be resolved within 36 hour.

"The resolution timer will continue if PDP is not satisfied with the resolution done. It will only stop once PDP is satisfied," he explained.

Mahadi said different types of complaint would have different resolution timeframe and this ranges from few hours to few days.

Nevertheless, Mahadi stressed that since the project is a high-profile national infrastructure project, it is important for complaints to be managed effectively to ensure for a successful implementation and development of the project.