Spring flavours at Starbucks

STARBUCKS Malaysia is providing its customers with a new reason to be excited; sharing phenomenal new ways to experience coffee.

Considering spring time, when blooms blossom, a time that celebrates new beginnings, the coffee chain unveiled unconventional and unique beverages to usher in the new season. Each of these new beverages has been creatively, beautifully and deliciously handcrafted by Starbucks baristas to bring customers layers of delectable tastes and satiable moments to take pleasure from.

Starbucks Coconut Water Espresso Shakerato: The lighter and refreshing beverage among the three, this drink is a combination of Starbucks signature espresso made with cold coconut water and coconut syrup. It is topped with a layer of foam and a slice of dry lime and “shaken” to perfection to produce an invitingly frothy, layered iced espresso, both cooling and quenching.

Starbucks Valencia Orange Cocoa Cappuccino: The decadent beverage among the three offers a combination of cappuccino, chocolate and Valencia orange, founded on decadent Valencia orange mocha sauce. The delicious beverage is completed with steamed milk, espresso shots, foam, dried orange and cocoa powder sprinkles. It is available in both cold and warm versions.

Starbucks Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato: The sweet and milky creation among the spring beverages showcases the classical combination of vanilla and coffee, with the use of Tahitian Vanilla and roasted coffee. It is complemented with steamed milk and topped with Starbucks’ signature espresso, along with vanilla bean specks and vanilla drizzles. This drink also comes in both hot and cold versions, as well as a Frappuccino.

These modern day coffees are already available but only until April 17 or while stocks last.

Starbucks Malaysia and Brunei managing director Sydney Quays shared his view about the new beverages. “We are delighted to introduce Starbucks latest take on espresso, with baristas offering unique and sophisticated treats for coffee lovers. They vary in flavour, texture and experience but espresso is always at the core.

“Starbucks baristas craft carefully selected ingredients with espresso to produce stunning combinations of flavours and layers. These beverages invite customers to experience new and different ways to enjoy coffee,” Quays said.

Besides the new and hip beverages, Starbucks Malaysia has reintroduced two crowd favourite coffee blends: the 3 Region Blend and the Tribute Blend.

While the former offers a unique marrying of beans that are roasted with balanced floral, herbal, lemon and currant notes that make sunny days even sunnier especially over light breakfast pastry with lemons or raisins, the latter delivers a spicy full-bodied coffee with berry and dark chocolate flavours comprising four coffees – Aged Sumatran, Sundried Ethiopian, washed coffee from Papua New Guinea, and washed coffee from Colombia.

In celebration of the season for all things new, do check out Starbucks Malaysia’s line of merchandise offering trendy-looking tumblers and bottles ideal for Spring.

From multi-coloured stripes on cold cups to pink floral mugs, floral water bottles, create-your-own design tumblers and more, these make perfect gifts as well as pretty, personal collections.

For more information, visit Starbucks Malaysia website or its Facebook page.