Parent supervision pivotal to preventing sexual child abuse: Police

KUALA LUMPUR: Parent supervision and constant communication with children will address the issue of sexual child abuse, said Sexual Investigation Unit (D11) of Bukit Aman ASP Noraini Mohamad Noor.

She said parents supervision and monitoring of their children's activities will play a pivotal role in preventing sexual child abuse cases.

In this age of advanced technology, she added, children are exposed to various social media platform and chatting tools that many do not realise hold potential degree of danger on them.

Citing an example, Noraini said some adults could pose as teenagers in chatrooms via the social media communication apps like WeChat and befriend children.

"These adults will subject children to sexual abuse if they have bad intention," Noraini said during a sharing session at the Citizens Against Sexual Child Abuse (Casca) awareness campaign today.

She said parents need to be wary as to who the children are talking to or befriending with on the social media platform or other forms of communication apps.

Some sexual child abuse cases, he added, can be prevented if the parents are alert, informative and interact with their children.

She stressed that the child should know her body, its functions, limitations and who should and should not touch," she said.

Noraini said parents need not feel ashamed or uncomfortable talking about this topic as this is part of educating them to be responsible for their own bodies.