Commonwealth family of nations celebrates Commonwealth Day 2017

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia today joined the Commonwealth family of nations to celebrate Commonwealth Day with the theme "A Peace-building Commonwealth".

The theme affirms the Commonwealth Charter principle that international peace and security, sustainable economic growth and development, and the rule of law are essential to the progress and prosperity of all.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry in a statement said that at a time when the world is confronted with serious threats and challenges to the wellbeing of the peoples, the Commonwealth family of nations, with its shared values of tolerance, mutual respect and understanding becomes a source of strength, hope and inspiration for all of its member states.

Today is also a day that 52 countries with a shared history, came together to cherish the ties that bind them.

"It also serves to remind the peoples of the Commonwealth that together, we can accomplish our shared goals of peace, sustainable economic growth and social development," it said.

The Commonwealth has played a catalytic role in strengthening society's capacity to manage disparity and diversity through its emphasis on the shared values and principles as enshrined in the Commonwealth Charter, its Good Offices role, various programmes and activities as well as assistance in building democratic institutions, good governance, credible and transparent elections.

The ministry said Malaysia is committed to strengthening its role in the Commonwealth, including in peace-building. Towards this end, it said, Malaysia had participated in several Commonwealth Election Observer Missions to observe elections in member states with a view to ensure credible and transparent elections.

In fact, it added, Malaysia was the first country to invite the Commonwealth Election Observer Mission to observe its 8th General Election in 1990.

Malaysia believes that inclusive engagement and constructive dialogue are imperative for maintaining stability and sustainable peace.

In this regard, the ministry said, Malaysia believes that the moderation approach, as espoused by the Global Movement of Moderates, should be embraced globally to counter extremism in all its forms and in the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

This approach, among others, it added, advocates peaceful means, such as mediation, constructive dialogue and engagement based on mutual respect.

As it prepares to host CHOGM 2020, Malaysia reaffirms its commitment to the important work of the Commonwealth, towards achieving global peace and security, sustainable economic growth and social development for the future generation.